The woman of my life

Let me tell all of those who say: "You know, I'm convinced that you will find a beautiful Libyan girl who will become your wife" that it is based on NOTHING and that it is therefore most probably false. Stop wishing that what you predicted will become true and prove me wrong, because it won't!

I'm sure most of you got all excited while reading the title: "Oh Ali finally met someone, that's so cute!". SORRY!

See you all in a couple of years when I'll be back with a Libyan wife and kids 😉

PS: This mail is written in English courtesy of Nita who might be the only friend I have (not including my family in Yemen) who does not speak french at all. Chanelle you need to do something about that.

PS2: You know I'm joking Nita, it's more than a favor that you're giving me since it will double the number of people able to understand my blog.


~ by princeali on April 28, 2006.

4 Responses to “The woman of my life”

  1. everyone tells me the same thing with japanese chicks and it’s preposterous!!!

    anyways, gotta go, I’ve a date with my japanese girlfriend tonight… :p

  2. Thanks for singling me out as the only non French speaker you know (excluding your family in Yemen)! I’ll try to work on improving my language skills…

  3. Poor Nita! Don’t worry Ali, I will help wherever I can. By the way, nice blog!

  4. I feel bad to know that you read this blog entry…
    Kind of embarassed, but a lot of people might like you just because you made me WRONG!
    And you know what, I’m glad I’ve been wrong!

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