Do not look straight up to the sun

Yesterday, I came back from Lyon by train. I was sitting next to two models; one was pretty but not specially my type, while the other simply left me speechless. Later on, while taking the metro on my way home, I realised that despite the fact that I usually easily notice random people's beauty, after having seen this model I could barely see anything!

My advice: never stare at top models, you might get blinded.

(take a look at Zita G's profile; click on the ! which stands for news, scroll down and look at the cover of the magazine with a red font. You know what I mean now!?!)

 PS: Sorry for the ladies that might get offended


~ by princeali on May 5, 2006.

5 Responses to “Do not look straight up to the sun”

  1. Moi je comprends pas………
    Qd je clique sur “women” il y a plein de models
    Et qd je clique sur “men” il y en a un seul qui ressemble à un homosexuel…..

  2. Je dois avouer que moi aussi j’ai cliqué sur “men” mais par pure curiosité! Je voulais juste verifier que j’etais bien plus beau que les models mâles, et effectivement c’est bien le cas (not even close).

    PS: Qu’est ce que ça te fait qu’il ai l’air homosexuel??? HUM HUM HUM

  3. IL ya du commérage dans l’air ……. Faut que j’en touche deux mots à Marwan :-/!

  4. Je te taquine NafNouf! Qui aime bien charrie bien dit-on 😉

  5. Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better, taste your freedom and be better.

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