Little game: The answer


It's not Weird Al Yankovic; neither is it a montage!

I was watching the canadian documentary "The corporation" when I saw this person speak. I thought it was a super genius teenager considering his voice and looks (Napoleon Dynamite's twin brother with brains) because what he said made a lot of sense, and while reading the name displayed on the picture I saw: Elaine Bernard. Hint hint, it is a woman's name!

"Elaine Bernard is Director of the Harvard Law School Labour and Work Life Program. She lectures throughout the world and writes extensively on political, trade and labour issues."

The funny thing here is that it is a lady looking like a weird teenager between Napoleon Dynamite and Weird Al Yankovic.


~ by princeali on May 8, 2006.

8 Responses to “Little game: The answer”

  1. I see a weird guy wearing “grandmother style” glasses, juste about to sneeze.

  2. I see Weird Al Yankovic

  3. ‘SHE’ would make a great advertising campaign for the new Gilette Mach3 Power.

  4. Merci pour la réponse.
    Tu as le mérite d'avoir écrit une réponse extrêmement drôle à un message que je trouvais hilarant!
    A croire que tu es le seul à te rabaisser à mon niveau d'humour qui rase le magma afin de me faire plaisir.

    Las autres vous avez oublié votre compassion: "Le pauvre Ali va en Libye, on va rire à toute ses blagues et dire qu'il est super drôle tout le temps pour le rassurer et lui faire oublier ce qui l'attends"

  5. Thank you Marwan for this relevent suggestion.
    I was deeply conviced this picture looked like me but i didn’t want to chock the A team.
    Anyway; i use Gilette Mach 3, and as an expert; i totaly agree with you : she is the perfect model for advertising this product (after me of course).

  6. this image goes into my mental folder labelled “things to think of when trying to abate an erection”

  7. Névine you're too much!!!
    You made my day. While imagining you thinking of how this "lady" looked like you got me this close to bursting into laughs. Must I remind you that I share my office?!? My colleague gave me a weird "what the hell are you doing fooling on the internet again" look. How embarassing (he's an ass so I don't care anyway)

    PS: I hope you use Mach 3 Deesse and not Mach 3 Power Nitro! It is true that the eyes remind me of yours, and that you kind of have the same mouth…

  8. Yes Névine, you are too much !
    No one except Magnum has as much moustache as you do. The world is not ready for you yet darling…

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