Courtesy forever

Once again, in the metro this morning, I made some room to let an old lady sit down. She was about 80 years old and seemed to have difficulty walking and bending over. She slightly smiled at me while thanking me and sitting down. Another lady, this one was about 60) saw the scene and seemed to appreciate my gesture and gave me a big smile while instistantly looking at me. People got out of the metro and I got a chance to sit, right in front of the 80 years old lady who started staring at me and in front of me to my  left was the other lady who did the same giving me a big smile everytime we made eye contact. This went on for over 5 minutes and made me very uncompfortable.

If these women happend to be 40 years younger, I would have happily thought that they were hitting on me!

PS: Névine, this made me think of your advice of giving my deat to beautiful young ladies.


~ by princeali on May 12, 2006.

3 Responses to “Courtesy forever”

  1. Come with me Ali going to work in the morning.
    You’ll get a beautiful young girl per day.
    Easy life in Paris.
    Believe me.

  2. Tu es trop mignonne, Nev. Ta presence feminine est presqu’indispensable sur ce site!!!

  3. NICE!!!
    I think I’m going to quit my job, not go to Libya and go with you to work then come back home and do… NOTHING!
    La good life in Paris!

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