DANGER! (woman driving)

Once again, on my way to work, I saw one man walking quite fast about to cross a street at an intersection. A car was coming to his right and started slowing down while checking if there was no car to its right. Seeing that the road was free, but without noticing the pedestrian or even turning her head to the left, she pressed on the gas pedal. But here is the catch; the man crossing had reached the front left wing of the car and had to strongly hit the car with his hand and say "HEY" in order not to get run over.

Be really careful on the streets! You never know who you might cross.


~ by princeali on May 16, 2006.

One Response to “DANGER! (woman driving)”

  1. Bah alors? 3 jours sans remettre a jour ton site, c’est pas tres serieux pour les gens qui vont checker de temps en temps… Tu as la responsabilité d’un blog maintenant, alors tu es oblige d’ecrire tes chroniques…

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