I’m a little slow

Today, during lunchtime, I joined a table of colleagues who were almost done with their meals. We formed a big group of eight people, and when the first four finished, they left the rest of us while I was the only one still eating my main course. They kept on chit chatting and I kept on eating without talking (therefore relatively quickly). I kind of felt bad and when I was about to say: "you don't have to wait for me" one of my colleagues looked at me and said : "this chocolate cake seems to have no end!" with a smile on her face. I was just getting started eating this delicious dessert! I answered politely that I sincerely invited them to leave the table, but it seemed that they felt bad and didn't want me to stay at the table alone. I hate rushing when I eat; as one of my coworkers noticed, I like to enjoy my food (especially chocolate cake!!!). I must say I ate faster than usual because I didn't want to be annoying to them while they try to be nice.



~ by princeali on May 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “I’m a little slow”

  1. You joined them when they were almost done and you eat slowly, so this must have been long for them. Bah oui, tu es la personne qui mange le plus doucement que je connaisse… ;-)))

  2. Maybe Damien eats as slowly as I do, but he eats much less so nobody notices 🙂

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