Friday, I went to the gym with a couple of friends. One of them brought his girlfriend (lets call her Naf Naf). The boyfriend was making fun of her saying: "you think you're a mermaid?" Well she made me laugh out loud when she answered: "No, I'm a Playmate!". But Naf Naf forgot that she had goggles on: HOW SEXY!

 Girl with goggles, courtesey: 

You were really cute Naf Naf! 


~ by princeali on May 28, 2006.

2 Responses to “Playmate”

  1. T’es mimi Ali…… Eh oui maintenant le monde entier sait que les sirènes ont des pb de vue! En effet c’est une révélation. Il parait que la beauté se mesure en degrés de myopie. En plus celles qui ont des pb de lentilles (Mariam et moi) font parties des reines de beauté du monde sous marin… OUhala 😉

  2. Tel le gros thon, ou le cachalot?
    Je rigole mes belles.

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