Visa News! (Update)

The official paper has been received from Tripoli yesterday. We immediately sent my passport to the Libyan ambassy. Next step, get the passport back; with the visa, and not a mysterious refusal (you never know considering the trouble I had getting a visa approval; but blame it on the Libyan heavy and random administration, as they say here). I beleive all should be finalised around June 10, and I should be gone on the latest by June 15.

Then: So long stupid annecdotes! Hello culturally enriching and informative blog entries about Libya!

After weeks of waiting, it is now semi-official; I FINALLY got my working visa. If I say "semi" it is because the news come from the resident engineer in Tripoli. I will make an official announcement when I get the stamp on my passport!


~ by princeali on May 31, 2006.

5 Responses to “Visa News! (Update)”

  1. MABROUK ALI!!! You You You You Yi!

  2. I hope you can still come visit me in Tokyo with a stamp from Lybia on your passport…

  3. After all the trouble they gave me to get it (I don’t have the stamp yet), I hope at least it won’t bother me much longer!

  4. sans papiers va !


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