Not talkative

People say that I'm shy; those who have known me well for a long time undersatnd that I simply take my time and progressivly open up as I get to know people. I am no fake friend who socialise simply because I should.

Well my personality makes me live some awkward moments. This week, I had lunch with my colleagues three times, and as it often happens (but rarely three times in a row) I said no more than three words in the conversations (mostly because they refered to their past work experience). One of these lunches included a one on one with my boss and THAT WAS WEIRD! Some long period of time included complete silence for over 2 minutes; he even came back to the last subject, and that made me lagh inside because I knew we had so little to say that he came back to the last thing we had talked about (MINUTES AGO) without anything to add!

PS: I might be leaving to Libya as soon as June 8!


~ by princeali on June 2, 2006.

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