So long…

Lets make it official. My visa is ready, we will get my passport back this afternoon.

My departure is getting fixed for Monday (just a matter of ticket booking now). For the record, I will be travelling with Alitalia on Monday morning (7h45 flight), probably via Rome, with 4 of 5 of my colleagues who go to Tripoli for an audit.

The posts on this blog should become more instructive, since I will tell you everything about my arrival in Libya (my impressions, lifestyle…).

Do not forget that you are all welcome to visit!


~ by princeali on June 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “So long…”

  1. Enfin!
    Tu dois etre soulagé! Tres contente pour toi et quand tu seras installé et que tu connaitras bien la ville de Tripoli et les alentours, je viendrais bien faire un petit tour chez les bedouins ;-)))

  2. Ouais c’est ça, va t’en espèce de lâche.

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