Photos + “Fête de la musique”

Unfortunately, no personal photos yet, but a site where you can see the advancement of the construction of the one of the sites (other to come soon) of the project I am working on: (Note that the temperature was 40°C today, should be 42°C).

Yesterday was the music festival (Fête de la musique), that I spent with fellow french expatriates from Tripoli. I met R (who is a very nice guy), he picked me up from work and we had a drink at his place. he works for Siemens and lives with his wife and another girl both working at the “french cultural center”. R was born in Tropili, and left for France when he was 14, to my surprise his arabic was quite good. I then met Emmanuel (a guy from Marseilles) who was quite nice too (with a little vulgar humour though). We went to the School of Arts where the “french cultural center” had organised three concerts. Three bands played: “Tripoli jazz band” (made up of european expatriates), a local Libyan band, and a funny french band coming specially for the occasion (“Les Joyeux Urbains“). It was a lot of fun, I also met the Canadian consul in Tripoli who is 26 years old (that’s young for such a position), the french ambassador and his driver (a very kind man from Mali living in Tripoli for 30 years), Romeo (a young man from Cameroon teaching french at an African school) who told me that he had quite a cultural chock coming in 2 years ago. Then a couple of other french expatriates. We then went out to eat a shawarma and went home.

Today, I spent all day on site trying to keep track of the delivery of material under 42°C. The transporter did not do an amazing job since there were some damage (from what we could see). I did that with a young lady named Nadège (that I had met on a visit of one of Areva’s factory in Aix-les Bains), she is very nice and unfortunately is leaving tomorrow morning (just when I was getting to know her).

I am now ready to go home and cannot wait to go to the beach tomorrow with my new “friends” (I just met them, so as you can imagine I hardly fake friendship and rather build real relationship before considering one as a friend).

For your information, I am still waiting to get my cellphone chip (my boss makes me wait), I have to undergo some medical exams to get my resident visa, and I will move in my house and get a car at the beginning of the month of July.


~ by princeali on June 22, 2006.

3 Responses to “Photos + “Fête de la musique””

  1. “I have to undergo some medical exams to get my resident visa”

    Ali, please fail your medical exam and come back to Paris.

  2. I was there too and have nice time but most of the people were watching the world cup a few of people were crowded and I took some pictures too.

  3. Salut Prince Ali
    J’ai rencontré récemment dans une soirée une jeune femme nommée Nadege et travailant a Areva a Aix les Bains (je suis de Grenoble). Je voudrais pouvoir la recontacter mais je ne connais pas son nom. En cherchant au hasard sur internet, je suis tombé sur ta page. Il y a des chances pour que ce soit la meme personne. “She is very nice” indeed. Je sais que c’est un peu delicat de demander ce genre de choses comme ça. On peut en discuter par mail si tu le veux bien. merci. Laurent

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