As most of your would know, Friday is off here in Libya (as in all arabic countries). Well yesterday (Thursday) I went out at a party (that was quite fun) and stayed until 3h30. Considering that I woke up at 6am the same day and spent the whole day on site under the sun, you can imagine that I was glad I could sleep in this morning.

Well, at 10am my phone rings. I saw that it was an international call so I picked up (it might be my parents or one of my friends, and it is always a pleasure to talk to them).

WRONG! Remember Thomas, my colleague from France!

“Did I bother you”, he asks. “Well yes”, I answered with a tired voice since I still was in bed. The guy still managed to go on and on for 30mins complaining about what my boss asked me to send with him on copy. I had explained by mail that it was my boss’ request to him, but he still managed to annoy me saying that we must argue when we are not convinced that what the boss asks for is right!


~ by princeali on July 7, 2006.

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