Work it out.

I wanted to mention that locals are very nice and do not want to steal from you. For example, a taxi does not ask for more than what you owe just because you are not a local. When I just had arrived, I made a copy of my keys but had no dinars to pay (just euros), so I said that I would go make some change and come back, you know what the man answered? “Don’t worry, you’ll come back later or tomorrrow to pay”, I answered “but I would like to get the keys now”, “Don’t worry, no rush, take the keys and double and you’ll come back later”. Do not imagine that he was an arrogant saleseman,simply a quiet and trusting man. It gave me a good impression.

On one of the roads, it is sadly amazing to see that on one of the main roads towards the highway, there are almost hundreds of workers on the sideway, with their tools (hammer, paint brush…) waiting to be picked up and have a job for the day. On our site, the transporter does use this practise and I met 2 Nigeriens that were simply picked up for the day and trying to get work to be able to eat. One of them had big arms, the other was a little skinnier. Well the transporting company manager (the son of the Tunisian owner) was arguing that the skinnier one was not doing a good job and told him he would not work here anymore! It was outrageous considering that the man was doing a good job, and everybody on site was satisfied; the manager on the other hand had not even seen him work!



~ by princeali on July 9, 2006.

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