Yesterday was July 14th, so we went to party at the French Ambassador residence. It was very nice with a little buffet (he noticed that next time he will need to double the quantity).

I had quite a good time, and my roommate David, had a little too much fun. Boy did he annoy me yesterday. During the day, we went to the beach, and he wanted to avoid the places with many tourists. As nice as I always am, I conceded that we shall go to a little creek where there were almost nobody. But in fact we had to walk on dry algae for a while, then settled on a region with no algae to walk our ways through rocks to access the beautiful water. That was the only good thing about that day: crystal clear turquoise water! The city where we went to the beach is called Sabratha; it is one of Libya’s main archaeological sites with beautiful Roman ruins.

Then during the party, as he had already done before, David embarrassed me by repeating what I had told him he was not supposed to talk about. And on top of it, once we got home, this idiot walks in my bedroom without even knocking just to say: “you don’t brush your teeth? What time are you going to work tomorrow, I’m only going at 12”. I am easy going and polite; I made a special effort for him because he is young and new here (plus his father is a big shot director in the company); but so long for that. I decided from now on to stop being extra nice to all!

I started this morning by asking the project manager why did he make the secretary call me in the morning to ask if I was coming to work. In fact it was legitimate since he wanted to know if I would bring the car (remember I am using one of the company’s car intended for drivers). This needs to be fixed with my boss. It will be touchy, but no extra niceness to him either!

Then David drops by the office, and I simply told him that it is inappropriate to walk in my bedroom without knocking, and that he shall never do it again. He apologised, we’ll see if his attitude changes, because mine sure will.

Marwan don’t worry, there is no chance that David will become my friend. And if he ever sees my blog; good for him David you better be careful in the future!


~ by princeali on July 15, 2006.

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