The real Libya

I was surprised to get a comment from a person I did not know. It turns out, that I got lucky; this person has an amazing blog that really does justice to the beauty of Libya. It made me realise I did not do a good job at describing and showing what this country has to offer.

I really need to buy a digital camera, as Mariam mentioned. Even when I get one, I will hardly be able to match the beauty of her pictures (check out her flickr).


~ by princeali on July 16, 2006.

2 Responses to “The real Libya”

  1. Thanks – go ahead an add the link (I’m really quite flattered). Can I add you to my blog? I enjoy reading the veiw points of outsiders that come here and so do many others too.

  2. Please feel free to add a link to my blog.
    Hope people will not be deceived though; sincerely your blog is amazing compared to mine (if you want to discover Libya).

    People might laugh when they read my posts though 😉

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