Near death experience

Monday I took one of the company’s car (usually used by the drivers) since I do not have a personal car (YET). Two days before, one of the drivers had a little accident leaving a little bump on the front right. Nobody considered that the damages were important enough to send the car immediately to reparation.

As a result, I took the car, and while driving at about 120km/h on the left lane of a freeway, when all of a sudden the hood opened and hit the windshield!!! The visibility was nill, and I had to look in the mirrors and stick my head on the dashboard to see through the 5cm opening under the hood. Thank god there was not too much traffic and we managed to stop, put the hood back in a good position (without being able to close it), then bought some rope to attach it.

Thanks Boss for not making sure that I drive my own car (so I could be responsible for it). When I told him what happened (mentioning that we were all safe), the only answer he had was “We will put the car to reparation”!

~ by princeali on July 26, 2006.

One Response to “Near death experience”

  1. Spécial dédicasse à Florent qui était présent, donc qui lui aussi a fallit mourrir, et se fou de la gueule de ce post parce que je l’ai appelé “Near death experience”.
    Il suffit que la scène se soit passé dans du trafique plus dense durant un dépassement (c’est souvent le cas dans les rues de Tripoli) et nous serions surement mort (au minimim victime d’un accident grave)!

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