You might have noticed that I finally have added some pictures on my Flickr, thanks to Kim, my new American friend who is on a mission in Tripoli for 6 weeks (she is based in Cairo). I STILL NEED TO GET MY OWN CAMERA!

Enjoy, sorry for the resolution (they come from Kodak sharing…)

For your info, Chris, the big boy in the pictures (who works at the US Embassy in Tripoli) almost broke my neck when he tackled me HARD while playing rugby on the beach that day! When I say big, I mean he played center on Oklahoma State University Football team. My head hit the sand, I heard my neck crack and felt my brain shake: HELLO CONCUSSION! (seriously I think I lost the few brain cells I had left!)


~ by princeali on July 26, 2006.

5 Responses to “Pics”

  1. Here I am waiting for what seems like forever for the US Embassy to renew my now expired passport… and what are they doing? farting around on the beach! uuuuughhh…. they are becoming soooooo Libyan!

  2. HEHEHEH you are really funny. The girl is here for a 6 weeks mission and the guy is in a Scientific colaboration program.
    I could ask about the passports but I guess the responsibles also hang around at the beach, or scuba dive…

  3. I am loosing any hope of seeing my passport.

  4. Seriously, I will ask them what’s up with all this passport thing when I see them on thursday.

  5. Don’t bother asking them….. I will just keep sending them emails… I had been planning on making a trip home (for pleasure) – now that I have no passport I hope I don’t have any emergencies. It’s very frustrating to see them working at a snail’s pace. My friend’s son had his passport back in 2 weeks (he was stateside). Here they say they can’t do the passports. They send them to tunis, who sends them to the US, who then sends them back to tunis, then back here. You would think with all the traffic between the US and Libya that they could just skip Tunisia all together…. but then we are dealing with idiots and they wouldn’t be able to figure that out…. sigh

    I appologize for ranting… it’s just so frustrating.

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