Fight for your right to party!

Thursday night, great party at Chris’. He has the kind of little villa I was expecting a couple of streets from my place. Nothing too fancy (3 bedrooms, but at least with a garden…). We were a dozen and had fun (except for Romeo’s date who didn’t socialize and looked bored as hell), I had to bring her back at 2 but I could have stayed much longer. Chris will actually move to a smaller but nicer villa, I will try to enquire if there is any chance I get his old one! On our way back, I was driving on the little roads in a residential area when all of a sudden a skidding crosses my way 10m in front of me. The guy came from a perpendicular street, and was driving at about 90km/h, we would have been hit for sure if I had crossed his way!

Then Friday night (remember that I work on Saturdays), party at Total’s guesthouse. I cannot believe they call my apartment a guesthouse, it is simply ridiculous, almost shameful. Total’s guesthouse is a 12 bedroom mansion with swimming pool, two huge gardens… They could be featured on MTV Cribs as those Beverly Hills houses! The downside is that it is not as close to the city as other neighbourhoods (5mins further by car). Came in at 9pm, I was the first guy in the swimming pool, then a little food and drinks. I ended up loosing my glasses in the pool! (managed to find them thanks to Ludo’s goggles). I met Valerie, who is a nice blond girl. She was a little bit depressed because she was freshly dumped. Fun thing is that I chatted with her and one of her colleagues; we hit it off quite well for 5 to 10 minutes(she said I had a “Bonne tête, au sens propre”… go figure), then we talk about age: she was 29 and her colleague was 27, as soon as I said I was almost 25 she was really surprised and literally walked away!!! Her colleague told me she was affected by her breakup and was in the optic of finding a rich husband and start a family… No regrets for me!

Then there was this guy who kept dancing around and tried to dance with me and other guys. The man was WEIRD! A little like hard gay man.Partied hard till 4:30 AM. This morning was HARD!

PS: one love for my Tripolitan buddies Florent, and Robin who enjoy reading my blog!


~ by princeali on August 5, 2006.

4 Responses to “Fight for your right to party!”

  1. Je laisse ici mon premier commentaire sur ton blog bien que j’y jette régulièrement un oeil.

    Je tenais à te de dire, Ali, que c’est un réel plaisir d’aller sur ton blog. D’ailleurs, je ne me souvenais plus de cette histoire avec cette fille (c’est d’autant plus bizarre car je lui ai moi-même confessé mon jeune age, 20 ans, mais elle n’a pas fui… étrange n’est-ce pas ??? A moins qu’elle ne cherche que des hommes à peine sortis de la puberté).

  2. Merci pour le message Florent.

    En fait, tu ne l’interessais pas, cela se voit que t’as 12 ans. Pour ma part, elle s’est dit “tiens, un mari potentiel…” donc déception!

  3. Puisque tu me salut je me sents oblige d’intervenir, Florent laisse toi pousser la barbe, pour moi cela marche. Prinece, je suis desole d’insister mais elle s’est sauvee parce que t’es pas drole. tu connais l’expression “fille qui rit, fille a moitie dans ton lit”. je ne dis pas que t’as pas de fille dans ton lit, juste que … t’as un humour bizard.


  4. J’ai un humour bizard, je te l’accorde, je suis bizard de manière générale!
    Par contre drôle je suis. Insiste autant que tu veux, tu ne me convaincra pas du contraire!
    Elle s’est sauvée car étant beau drôle et intelligent, le hic était qu’elle me trouvait trop jeune!

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