Sabratha, and Coastal trip

Since I had already visited Leptis Magna twice, I had talked about organising the same kind of trip to Sabratha (another site of Roman ruins in the region of Tripoli). Kim asked me if I was still up for it on Thursday morning. Called Romeo and tried to organise a departure early on Friday (Leaving Tripoli at 9am). Finally we ended up being a group of 11 (including the Tunisian husband of one of the girls and one of his friends who continued their trip until Tunis). Check out the few pictures.

The next day, Saturday, I went to visit the other constructions sites along the Libyan coast all the way to the East coast. Quite a trip driving driving for over 2000 km in 36h. The car’s air conditioning system had quite a hard time on our way back when the temperature was of 46°C; even set to maximum at 14°C. The ride was safe (even at 170km/h) since the road was in correct condition overall. We saw two dead camels on the side of the road, and a minivan that seemed to have recently crashed in the middle of the desert.

We stopped at Ras Lanuf, then went on to Agdabia, and also visited Sirte. The Ras Lanuf site is in the middle of the desert, the city was built in the 70’s because there is oil there. Quite funny to see a whole city as a huge compound. Then Agdabia is a real city, but our site is a little far and we are going to build next to an existing substation. Then Sirte is simply amazing, with all the grass and trees, it almost looks like a city from the Gulf area.

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~ by princeali on August 14, 2006.

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