Star Academy Maghreb

For lunch, I was invited by my roommate David to eat with him and his boss at the Corinthia Hotel Buffet. Those who know how I eat will not be surprised to learn that I ate until I couldn’t move and having so little space left in my stomach that I had to refuse the tea. I still can’t move 2 hours later…

Well at this very hotel there were huge posters of Star Academy Maghreb! Yes, they are having a casting for Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libyan, and Maghrebians living in Europe. They are preparing for tomorrow’s casting which will be held starting at 8am. YES I WILL GO! If only I could dance and my Arabic was better (it is a prerequisite), I would be sure to get chosen!


~ by princeali on August 20, 2006.

3 Responses to “Star Academy Maghreb”

  1. GO!!! Sing whatever you want but just GO THERE!!!
    Then find a way to tape the show when you’ll pass in the “just for laughs” part of the castings… 😛

  2. salut tous les marocain je vous souwaite une bon chance

  3. très bon site web

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