Road Rage

Driving on the highway, I stayed on the left lane and the car in front of me didn’t want to let me go through, so I decided to pass on the right (forget driving rules here). At the same moment, a black Audi A4 comes behind the same car and the car that didn’t clear the way for me does so for the Audi and turns to the right almost touching me, since I was accelerating to pass on the right of that car, and there was another car to the right of me. As a result I am stuck between two cars, all slowing down and slightly turning to the right (4 cars on three lanes…). I slowed down and passed to the left of the car that had almost hit me and the guy keeps zig-zagging, hooting and making signs as if I was the one to blame! So I looked at him saying “WHAT WHAT”, the man keeps accelerating, he passed in front of me and his friend was making signs telling to park on the side-way. You want to test me? WRONG! I stopped and these two guys jumped out of the car, I did the same, and they started yelling in Arabic! I argued back in my broken Arabic, telling them that they better not blame me when they almost hit me because they let the Audi! I don’t know if it was the broken Arabic, or if they realised I wasn’t the one to blame, but they turned around and went back in their car.


~ by princeali on August 22, 2006.

4 Responses to “Road Rage”

  1. because they fear you Darkness!

  2. If I were you, I wouldn’t bother and you never know what the guys in the car are capable of. If I am not mistaken, I have understood that the Lybian drivers were rubish, so at your place I would just drive and stay appart, but I am not really sure that you have the capacity to change the driving methods of a whole country just by yourself.

  3. In fact I am not trying to change everybody’s driving method, but I do not accept getting disrepected!
    Fear is not an excuse to let go of important values.

  4. “Fear is not an excuse to let go of important values.” – Wonderful sentence.

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