Lets work one against the other!

Sometimes I wonder what in people are thinking (if they think at all). One of my colleagues (who is nice, and fun when it doesn’t come to working tasks), can be categorized as a shark. He came to see me saying: “there is something wrong in the transport department”, I ask him what is wrong and he says “some material are on site but are not referenced in the Material Follow Up Table”. Well I update this table and considering that the material arrived two months ago, I had to check. In fact, the Table was up to date, so I called him and asked “what are the exact references that you are looking for”; he answers full of arrogance and confidence citing 6 or 7 reference numbers; and as I checked I told him, that all was up to date, and while he checks he realises that in fact everything was here, even the balance material in the pending shipment expected to arrive this week!!! He couldn’t say much but that he must have checked an old version…

Another annecdote; my colleague gives me a passport during my lunchbreak around 13h45, then  the secretary upstairs calls me (while I’m eating on my desk) asking for this passport. I answer that I will finish eating, prepare the standard form and give it to her. 5 minutes later she calls saying “I leave in 1h, I really need it fast”. Annoyed, I stuff the pizza in my mouth and go upstairs to give it to her. And then she says “but the form is not signed by the Operation Manager”, “Well he is not here!”. People can lack consideration, and listen to this, all of this because she finishes work at 3pm, and leaves at 3pm SHARP. I have noted 2 examples of her having left work at 3pm forgetting to finish urgent tasks (she actually had to come back…)

And the best of all: my nemesis the site manager on this isolated site of Ras Lanuf! I try to call him, and while it seems that he picks up the phone I say “hello, hello” and don’t hear anything. After trying three times I give up. He calls back from his assistant’s and almost gets angry saying, “you try to call me, you make me pick up and don’t talk”… How nice! Then he mentions a package on his site that belongs to Tripoli site, when I ask what package number it is he answers, in a bad joking tone: “do you also want my wife?”. When explaining that I am not on site to see the package number he answers angry that people in Tripoli must have noticed a missing package. Well I am not on site and if site managers like him do not inform me I cannot know that things are missing! I had to ask the Tripoli site manager to settle the situation with him directly to see what this package was!



~ by princeali on September 20, 2006.

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  1. Speechless.

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