Back to reality

I didn’t write much during my stay. Nothing special to tell. I saw my family and friends, spent a couple of days in the Levallois office. Met some nice people (thanks Marwan for introducing me to Assia: very nice girl with beautiful smiling eyes).

Before I get started: 36° in Tripoli, how nice when you come back from a 15° Paris under the rain. I will probably enjoy another month spending Friday’s at the beach. Now back to my original complaining (I realised I have been doing this a lot since I am working with Areva in Tripoli): I arrived on Friday at 1pm. Stopped at home, had to meet a friend, and then I had to stop at work to give some urgent documents (I had figured that instead of sending papers by DHL and wait 3 or 4 days, I would rather bring them in person as I was told that it was urgent). Funny thing: 5pm, there was almost nobody in the office (I would say less than 10%) IT’S NICE! Then I had to stop by again on Tuesday, and BAM: the documents I had brought as “URGENT” were still there in the afternoon. Went back on Friday, to finish some summary and send it to Libya; usually send it every week and did not want to be blamed for taking vacation.  Well this is my first day at work since I came back and one of the first thing I was asked was to do what I had already done! I had to mention that I sent the document to the person in charge (the same guy who commented a couple of times about things not being done when they WERE); “well he is on site….” no problem, just needed to print my work and integrate it to the rest of the report.

Now I am not quite fond of the answer I got when complaining to the Project Director. He said that my subject would be raised at the next project review (BS I think).

Going out of the plane I met a future colleague who has been working for the company for the last 4 years (he is 4 years older than I am, so he started at my age). While talking to him, I could hardly believe it. The guy had had the exact same problems and told me that he had to complain and argue to obtain what he was entitled to have. Even contractual points! I am still going to work hard as usual. And hope that the situation gets better. But I really dislike this management type where one unfairly gives the minimum to some and wait for them to complain… One thing is for sure, I will be a much better manager than that!

Finally, while waiting for my luggage at the airport, a half-Asian half-French looking man starts talking to me. He was quite nice and worked in an Oil Company. My profile really interested him (except that I did not study Chemical but Electrical Engineering).  He gave me his card (CEO Assistant), and told me not to hesitate referring friends with similar profiles (they are expanding). One thing is for sure, I will keep in touch, you never know. If it is not in January 2007 (if I quit my job) probably right after in September 2007 or even better, after an MBA…

PS: Anyone with a Chemical (or Civil in Geology) Engineering Degree (speeking French English and Arabic)looking for work, do not hesitate to contact me.


~ by princeali on October 3, 2006.

7 Responses to “Back to reality”

  1. je me rend tres bientot sur le site de ras lanuf as tu des observations sur le sujet? jétais a LEVALLOIS le 3/10 effectivement il pleuvait.

  2. Merci Ali!! Trop génial! Fais signe quand tu reviens…

  3. Benour (future collegue j’imagine), une observation sur Ras Lanuf: ce n’était pas une ville jusqu’a très recemment quand ils ont trouvé du pétrol. Du coup c’est une sorte de grand “compound” avec pas grand chose. Apporter du diverstissement (dvd…) et s’armer de patiente (pour ma part, je parle aussi pour le site manager qui est peu commode).

    Assia, vraiment un plaisir. Je ne manquerai pas de faire signe (surement en Decembre).

  4. Merci pour tes infos je ne suis pas tres patient, mais je ferais de mon mieux, chez AREVA on s’adapte a chaque mission.



  5. De quel site manager parles tu? du compound? y a t’il possibilite de louer une maison en dehors?


  6. En fait le compound c’est la ville, il n’y a rien d’autre (sauf des camps pour les compagnies), donc a mon avis tu n’auras pas le choix.
    En ce qui concerne le site manager je pense à un certain Mr Scultore (Civil Work Coordinator des sites de la Zone Est de Libye Phase 2&3). On me dit qu’il est comme ça et en plus l’isolation n’aide pas…

  7. Je connais tres bien F.SCULTORE pour l’avoir cotoye au QATAR et au MAROC je viens pour ma part en qualite de site manager (E.M) pour RAS LANUF et responsabe zone EST.Je vois qu’on va pas s’ennuyer et meme si j’etais pas volontaire je vais devoir faire avec, ca va me changer de DUBAI.

    Merci pour tes precieuses infos et bon courage a toi.



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