3 days back in the office…

First of all, I would like to mention that we got all the TV channels back (Multivision, TPS, french national channels… Except Canal +!). I hope that it will not disturb me too much as I am studying for the GMAT, and with all these channels (almost 900, even if most of them are eastern european, middle eastern or X channels that I will never watch, there are almost 100 channels of potential interest) I could easily spend all my time off watching movies, sports or Music channels…

Then again at work some things are not going perfectly right. This colleague asks me for a complete packing list, I check and I had made it available on our network! Then we almost had an argument about some material delivery issue, and once again, there is not much I can do (I avoid the details). Then I am asked “did you keep a copy for the office of the Monthly Progress Report for August that we sent to the client”, I answered “yes of course”. After looking again without success they come back to me “are you sure”, I had to get up and show them that it was on the boss’ table right in front of the closet where the others are filed! Finally, the transporter does not follow the instruction of informing us of what Shipment is being delivered on site; as a result it is a huge mess and as usual I get blamed for things not being clear. It is quite a challenge of constantly running after people, asking for information, repeating instructions (that are not followed), and deal with colleagues who are either bad managers, not rigourous and blame you for anything, sharks who try to point out problems to show that they are useful when most of the time they simply don’t check properly, unconsiderate ones who get angry and mad just because they feel like getting mad at somebody, and the secretaries (can not blame them much) who do as little as possible without thinking much.

Well I will not hide that I am glad I have been recontacted by this man I met at the airport from an oil company who asked for my CV, and showed some interest for recruiting me on their project in Saudi. Let’s see where this goes, it is always pleasant to feel appreciated and have some options for the future.

Now it is Thursday and it has rained slightly this morning; surprisingly, the sky is already clearing. Hope I will have a nice Friday off, and an enjoyable Thursday evening.


~ by princeali on October 5, 2006.

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