Now these are funny things from work. The site co-ordinator went to Ras Lanuf (one of our sites in the middle of Libyan’s coast about 700km from Tripoli),  and on the way back the driver packed his bags and left… WITHOUT THE SITE CO-ORDINATOR! What is even funnier is that the Co-ordinator thought that the driver just went to put gas and would come back; only 15 minutes later he was not back. So, Ras Lanuf’s Site manager took the Co-ordinator in his car and raced on the road to catch up the driver!

Now my turn. Since I came back from Paris, I assumed that fast-breaking time was the same as in France (since we have the same time). Well I had forgotten the subtlety of our planet, and have eaten half an hour later that I should have (it has been 5 days only, but HOW STUPID!). I wouldn’t have noticed if I had not been invited to dinner tonight! If only I listened to the prayer calls! I was like “I must be far from the closest Mosque”, and “well it is strange but the sun seems to set earlier” without even checking!


~ by princeali on October 7, 2006.

8 Responses to “DOH!”

  1. I hope that the coordinator is not Mr VENTURI?

  2. Yes it was him!
    But in fact they managed to get to the driver after speeding for 15 minutes, and he went back to Tripoli with only a little delay.

  3. I am not sure you should be mentionning names on the blog … 😉

  4. You are perfectly right, I avoided names in my posts.
    Now, I do not think that it would harm anybody (except myself) if names are cited. I am ready to assume everything I say and tolerate whatever the consequences.

  5. don’t worry it’s not here a big deal but OK I understand your point, end of story.

  6. Just before closing the subject, Ali, I don’t think that it would only harm you. When you google someone, you can find this kind of information and it is only based on reputation.

  7. Do not want to make this anever ending discussion, but I believe that answers to posts cannot be found on google.
    Therefore I keep my posts clean of names. And if people come on my blog, they see personal opinions…

  8. oh when i went away for doing my first chrim. Corrina Eudora.

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