Real Good Music! (Clipse: “Mr Mee Too”)

I am writing a post solely dedicated to the best song I have heard in a while.

Clipse: “Mr Mee Too” (Produced by the Neptunes)

I mean if you are a rap fan, this is real fresh to the ear considering the ever repetitive commercial business that hip hop has become. Those who simply like music probably heard of Pharrell Williams (very productive and talented hit maker producer), well Clipse is a band that started with him (they all are from Virginia), and as friends they agreed at their respective beginnings that they would always support each other. Well Pharrell made it big (as you all know), and he kept working with his buddies signing them to his label (StarTrak).

My point is, that we were watching videos yesterday (while playing Monopoly), in fact when we lost all the channels, we still kept a lot of foreign music channels (as MTV Germany, or RLT Italy). And Clips “Mr Me Too” simply blew my mind! Make sure to check it out. I really don’t know why I haven’t heard it earlier (the song isn’t brand new). It might not be commercial enough, but this would show the bad work of music broadcasters!

I was thinking that hip hop music (you know I love it) was simply getting worse while getting more commercial (even Pharrell), but as the Neptunes work with Clipse, they showed me wrong and I got my enthusiasm back! Lets hope that this trend keeps up, and I might pursue my dream of working in the music industry… This kind of song would be heard a lot more.


~ by princeali on October 7, 2006.

One Response to “Real Good Music! (Clipse: “Mr Mee Too”)”

  1. I will answer to my own post:

    Timbaland does a great job bringing hip-hop to the pop/commercial level with style.
    He is one of those producers who has always done great music (since Missy and Aaliyah era…)
    Big up my man (yes, I met the man, he is HUGE).

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