Celebrations B*%#°s!

Thursday I attended a Libyan cultural music and fashion show which was quite nice. Some models looked real good (I am happy that they came with me to the party that followed). Some music was too loud, and the show started late and ended even later, but overall, I had a good time, seeing some friends and meeting new people.

Then the real deal started at 12pm. Party at this house with interior swimming pool and a real party hall. We had to wear costumes and I chose to look like a Buddhist (that was easy, buying 5m² of fabric and attaching it with pins). We had a real good time.

For the french people reading (sorry others), there were two guys dressed as the 118 218 idiots. One of my friends thought it was so cool, he went and talked to one of the guys and said “I love your disguise! You went as far as putting a wig on!”, and while pulling his wig, he realised it WAS HIS REAL HAIR!

~ by princeali on November 11, 2006.

One Response to “Celebrations B*%#°s!”

  1. Mais euh!!! tu ne te moquerais pas de moi toi!! lolol, bah n’empêche, ils avaient l’air faux!! héhé

    au plaisir de te lire

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