Holidays AGAIN!?!?!

Yes people,  I am on holidays once again (well needed to relax a bit). Well relax after December 21, since I am taking the GMAT and that I will be studying hard for it.

What kind of anecdote can I tell? Well I was at the airport at 6h45 (since my plane ticket said 8h05), and was the first to check in. Guess what: the plane was at 8h45! Then, in the line to enter the plane, two french women and a french man were chit chatting when all of a sudden, the man starts PICKING HIS NOSE! Not discretely, but putting his whole finger in and STILL FACING HIS FRIENDS!!!  In the plane, the lady next to me took of her shoes and kept playing with her feet… AH the final touch: Another french lady had an empty  baby bag went straight to 1st class when she say there was some empty seats! Only SHE HAD NO BABY AND WAS NOT EVEN UPGRADED BY THE CABIN CREW!  Next time, I’ll do the same trick!


~ by princeali on December 17, 2006.

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