I’m still here!!!

Time goes by, and I realise I do not write much. MY BAD!

I passed the GMAT and got a 690 (was aiming for a 700, and knew I could do it! IF ONLY I HAD VALIDATED THE LAST QUANT QUESTION!). Now it is time to prepare the whole application process: I started and it will sure be a hassle (mainly between recommendation letters and essays).

Apart from that, I had a little alumni dinner for my high school (EABJM). Had  limited success since only 10 person sat for dinner and 4 more passed by. It is still nice to see and talk to old friends.

AH! I should apoligise to Dan! I am truely sorry, but I honestly had a lunch on Saturday! I dn’t know if it happens to you, but it is the second time I did something I hate!

Finally, thank you Marwan for fixing the old car’s door. I never took the time to try and fix it (and even if I did, I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to fix it). By the way, STILL WAITING FOR YOUR HILARIOUS BLOG!!!
I am not quite done; thank you NafNouf for introducing us to your friends. I had a really good night. And even if I sounded like a teenager, I cannot help it, I hate when I do not get attention from the ladeys!


~ by princeali on December 24, 2006.

2 Responses to “I’m still here!!!”

  1. You’re welcome. Fixing cars is my thing. Hope it’ll last. My hilarious blog is comming up soon. Beware of it or you will die of laughter.

  2. Thank you for bringing me back home and being so cool with my friends 😉

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