Welcome Back

Who did I see at the airport? Gabriel Obertan. You might not know him if you do not follow French League 1, but he might very well be the next future French team superstar (he is only 18!). Did not talk to him, but he seemed very simple (nobody seemed to notice him).

Back to the real world. I moved in yesterday at my new house. Because of my 2007 resolution, I will not complain. I really hope to get into one of my first Business School choices. Until then, I will have to parallel work and application process.

I got a little sick last Thursday because it was something like 16° in Paris, and I covered myself as if it was 5°. As a result, I ended up sweating, then felt a little sour in the chest.


~ by princeali on January 7, 2007.

One Response to “Welcome Back”

  1. Pour ceux qui ne connaissent pas Ali, en hiver, même s’il fait 15°C, il met un bonnet et une écharpe. C’est un de mes sujets préferés pour l’enerver.

    T’as trop écouté fatal Bazooka mec …

    Btw, t’as maté le DVD du pire du Morning Live ?

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