I am fine, so please nobody worries about me. I am anticipating the compassion movement.

While going to the goodbye party for our beautiful mixed couple, we got in a little bit of trouble. A group of french guys didn’t know the exact place, so I told them to follow me and my friends. As stupid as I am, I pushed an opened door figuring out we had arrived. In fact it was the wrong house (it was a door from it), and how did we realise? Well, and angry guy started yelling at us while I was pushing the wrong door before I even got the door to move. Within the next 2 seconds, the madman comes rushing out of his car yelling and starting to push us. We tried to calm him down, but he kept getting crazier (the man was high or something) and started pushing one of my friend in the back while we were leaving, making him fall on a garbage bin. I tried to calm him down and then the fight broke up. He hit someone in the face and screamed to get help from his neighbours. At some point, they were three hitting the poor man. I kept trying to control the man saying “OK, I am sorry… but why all this mess; Why do you hit them guys?”. The man was not making any sense as he probably didn’t even listen to me when suddenly, he punched me in the face. I didn’t feel anything and barely moved my head. People took him away from me. At one moment he was even saying something like “I will bring guns and take you all down!”

Frankly speaking, it was an ugly mess. The guy ended up as angry as hell, hitting cars while his mother was crying. Luckily, this didn’t spoil the night and we ended up having fun with another anecdote to tell.

One word: PEACE. May the man get therapy (get in a mental hospital or caught by the police to calm down).


~ by princeali on February 3, 2007.

2 Responses to “WHY SO MUCH HATRED?!?”

  1. I want to see pictures!

    Glad you survived to tell the tale.

  2. Glad nobody was seriously hurt.
    Pictures in general you mean? Or the result of the fight (because there are none).

    Good to hear from you now that you have internet back…

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