That’s not classy!

Shout out to girls who wear mini-skirts and sit down with their legs wide open. Please cross them legs if you don’t want guys to stare at your pum pum! Yes I saw that yesterday at a party.

Then for those interested, I got my first MBA interview this afternoon. I was a little bit stressed I must say, but overall I believe it went OK. Second one next week for the same school (Ivey). Can’t wait to hear from the other ones.


~ by princeali on February 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “That’s not classy!”

  1. LOL that is a great shout out girl..LOL I give you two thumbs up (and two legs crossed) for this post 🙂

    • Always a pleasure to make people laugh (it brings a little joy for what it’s worth).
      I didn’t write a new post about it, but at a club last week, I saw some other unclassy sights…. Some girls dancing really dirty, and kissing with some strange guys, who didn’t hesitate to touch their behind in public, and progressively pulling their dress up… I saw 3 different pair of underwear in a few minutes! The girls were probably intoxicated by alcohol and didn’t seem to mind; if they did they took almost a minute to react!
      As a side, they weren’t in discrete places, but on stage in the middle of the dance floor!

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