Muscle Cars!

What are big pickups for? Well to feel superior behind the wheel!

I was driving and a huge Pick Up that was going backwards hit the front of my car. It resulted in a slight bump in the left wing, and of course the pick up had absolutely nothing. The driver was conscious of being wrong but his passenger tried to argue that I was wrong too! After less than a minutes discussing, I followed them to their garage where I got the car fixed in 30 minutes. The driver even apologised. ACCEPTED, even though I lost almost an hour…

mitsubishi lancer 1.6 glx


~ by princeali on February 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Muscle Cars!”

  1. What is wrong with you ???

    Trucks are for feeling superior behind the steering wheel ? Pff ! Double Pff ! A truck such as the Dodge Ram can do stuff you couldn’t have even imagined.

    What other vehicle could make you do this kind of stuff ? NONE. Trucks are fabulous, please show some respect dude.

  2. buy a camera!

  3. I should get a camera indeed! I’ll get it as a present for my MBA ADMISSION!!!

    M, I never said big trucks were not useful. I Downtown, it is a complete waste! Well not that much in Tripoli considering the condition of the roads! I wrote this line under anger!
    Any driver should be careful when driving, very much true for big cars that can cause damage…

  4. Mabruk arleck ya sahbi lil MBA!
    Kul sana inta taib…

  5. Mashkur ya ashab!

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