Coocoo Gaga!

I’m kind of getting crazy! I’ll start by commenting on the weather, for the last 4 days, we face alternations of nice warm weather (up to 27°) and showery thunder storms (down to 12°). Two days ago, thunder was so hard that it made my whole room vibrate (around 6:am).

That’s not what is driving me mad. But people LYING!!! It is one thing to be late, make mistakes or try to find excuses. But lying! Come on! The thing is that when you go through too many intermediaries, information is lost.

Ah, and you want to hear a good work anecdote, listen to this: One of our shipment has been blocked at customs (ie stayed at port) for almost 2 months now. The transport informs us that we have to pay for extra warehouse fees at port. The explanation:

“As the shipment was not cleared in time, the people in charge of the warehousing had to move the OIL PALLETS to other storage area outside the port and they need someone to pay for the shifting cost.

Mr.S.(from the client company) is insisting that your company must pay, as other companies do (according to him).

The normal warehouse clearance will expire tomorrow, therefore we need your assistance to settle the matter and to know if we can start tomorrow to deliver the shipment or not.”


~ by princeali on February 21, 2007.

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