Big Fat Phoney!

What about people lying… I don’t mean white lies as between friends when you are embarrassed to say the truth and afraid to hurt people’s feelings.

I’m talking about nasty lies. One man from the transport company said that his team went on site and was ready to do its work but all of our people were busy “having a BBQ”. Smart move, because a BBQ had been planned indeed, but was postponed to a week later. I double checked directly with the site manager and complained to the boss of the transport company.

Today, we were supposed to take care of a transport starting at 8am. At 9, I call the transport company to have explanations for the delay. The explanation: “well, we have difficulties getting the crane out…” I cut him short by saying that the crane had been on site for 2 days! The man was supposed to enquire and call me back. I waited for a few minutes and called back, of course they avoided me! I inquired myself to get the number of the person supposed to come and the new version became “we had difficulties with the crane driver”.



~ by princeali on February 28, 2007.

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