Celebration B*%”#es

First big party organized on Thursday. Was expecting 50 people if every person invited came, we ended up being 80! First group coming was made up of 3 girls I knew, and 5 girls or guys I had met + 9 people I had NEVER SEEN! That was a good start!

Thanks god it ended up well; no fight whatsoever, except a neighbour complaining because IDIOTS PARKED ON THE ROAD AND LEFT NO ACCESS!!! He was perfectly right, and I could do nothing but feel bad because I did not have everything under control. We had a funny DJ issue, as EVERYBODY was complaining: “could we have some hip-hop and R&B”, “put some 50 cents, Beyonce or Shakira”. The thing is the DJ was one of the hosts, and the music he played was some good lounge and dance music; but he didn’t adapt to the public. Next time, we will make sure to take care of a proper playlist with my touch (yep, hip-hop and R&B is my thing)! Funny anecdote, I heard some girl threw up! First of all, I have no clue who she is, and second of all, I SAW NOTHING!

I’m quite satisfied. Next time, we will make individual invitation to avoid having a dozen people most of my friends have no clue about. I’m cool about it as long as it remains under control, but too many people were uncomfortable.

~ by princeali on March 4, 2007.

3 Responses to “Celebration B*%”#es”

  1. i wouldn’t want to be the one who finds the hidden vomit pizza in 4 or 5 days… 😛

  2. it was me my dear, i wanted to throw up under your pillow but you locked the door so i had to do that elsewhere…
    sorry babe

  3. Who are you? Hope you were fine.

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