All apologies

I didn’t have much to say but apologize for the mistakes I made last Thursday. First of all, I shouldn’t have trusted friends of friends hosting a party at our house. Then (and most importantly), it remained our house, therefore people in it were under OUR responsibility and I should have attended and control every aspect of this party. More than not controlling the number of people, but simply calming people down, kicking out trouble makers and allowing friends in.

To make a story short, a fight broke out at our place while I was sleeping (wasn’t in shape to do much more…). A friend of a friend got jealous of his ex-girlfriend being brought home by a french guy. He got mad and hit the first french man who got in his way! Then he went to get his buddy saying that he got insulted… NEVER AGAIN. What surprises me is that the person who started the fight were familiar (not random guys), I know that they just are crazily jealous and easily violent….

Ah, and people broke a door! I am currently tracking the responsible of this acts to have a little discussion.

Bottom line: I cannot stand people who look for trouble and cannot wait to be involved in a fight! Such a shame!

To all (and for what it’s worth), SORRY (even if it is too little too late).


~ by princeali on March 12, 2007.

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