RIP Mr Hughes (EABJM history teacher)

I cannot let go! I am still chocked about the sad news of Mr Hughes passing away. He was one of the rare great teachers at EABJM. He was very kind, nice and fair as a teacher. I loved the man, and greatly respected the teacher.


~ by princeali on March 26, 2007.

3 Responses to “RIP Mr Hughes (EABJM history teacher)”

  1. Yes, it is true that this news is terrible. Though I’m sort of new to this school and I’ve known Mr Hughes very vaguely, I’m still extremely depressed about his death. The ceremony we had yesterday left a terrible feeling of sorrow and despair. This is right, because such a loss is irreplaceable for all of us, pupils, teachers, parents…everyone.

  2. Definitely sad. Nassim went to the ceremony, didn’t see anyone familiar (only students, the teachers were at the ‘funeral’) but apparently it was nice to just be there. Would have liked to go too, but it just wasn’t possible…

  3. I was a student at the EABJM for 13 yearsand Mr hugheswasone of my favorite teacher. I’m so sad he passed away. anyway EABJM has become a lucrative school

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