That’s ghetto

Ever seen the stand up comedy show by Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock, or Jamel in France (among others)? When they say that you know you’re in the ghetto when you see a 6 year old kid dealing drugs in a street corner in the middle of the night, or threatening someone?

Well last week, I was walking in the street with a friend and a 5 year old kid stops me and looks up at me and says with a strong tone full of confidence (in Arabic) “Make me cross the street”; the boy was something like 1m tall (or short should I say)! I didn’t get it from the start, but I then took his hand and made him go to the other side. The boy didn’t say please nor thanks, I simply gave him a strong tap in the back.

You had to be there to uderstand how funny that was!


~ by princeali on April 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “That’s ghetto”

  1. Je vois pas le rapport avec les petits qui dealent de la drogue … Il t’a mis un sachet dans la main ou quoi ?

  2. You need to see the Skits by Dave Chapelle or even Jamel. The funny thing is in the attitude; the kids are about 1m short and they have the attitude of a gang leader!

  3. It’s common practice in Libya for young children to ask someone older to help them across the road – especially if the road is a busy one. The guy that has a shop on our corner must cross the street countless times for the kids going to and from school everyday.. but he is patient and he knows that he will be rewarded.

    Thanks for helping the boy across the street!

  4. Inside joke :
    “Spagheeeetti spagheeeetti spagheeeetti ! 8 mile ! 8 mile ! 8 mile ! 8 mile !”

  5. It is common practise and normal I believe.
    I wouldn’t have commented if this young boy didn’t have this attitude (no please, no thank you), maybe that’s how it is here. It simply surprised me.
    I really love to help in any occasion. But I am not used to getting orders from a kid thats barely 1m tall.

    M, this inside joke is out of context.

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