Anger Management Tour

I have been asked the question a couple of times. I must be clear and say that I have been good. I get to appreciate my boss (who has always been a nice person), I have my own car, I moved in the house I wanted, have good friends with who I enjoy my stay.

The only thing that kind of drives me crazy is stress at work. From last Tuesday to last Thursday, I can surely say that I spent the worst 72h at work. From the super stressed lady who is scared of being stuck in Libya, to the workers getting in the country without informing me; I am responsible for visa supervision, registration at the police (which is a very important step here), to the phone call at 23h to ask me to help find the guesthouse for a guy, some guy who moved from a guesthouse to another.

The worst thing being that when the Country Manager asked me for a favour, I couldn’t help but be direct and honest saying that it didnt’t bother me UNLESS what happened in the summer repeats itself (I ended up going to the French Embassy for nothing, feeling not trusted…). The man, who is a good salesman, tried to make some jokes; from an outsider point of view, I heard that it sounded as if I was yelling at him and that he nicely turned the situation around. Well I better watch my tone! 


~ by princeali on April 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Anger Management Tour”

  1. I’m in.

  2. You’re in what?

  3. I’m in for the anger management tour.

  4. Let’s go.
    But dn’t annoy me, or you’ll be OUT!

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