Say it loud!

“Why can’t black people drive?”

Yes, I have heard this a couple of years ago. Began a pointless argument where I had to go back to Golf, Tennis, Ice Hockey, even boxing at the beginning of the century (before Joe Louis era, the boxing community was segregated and you couldn’t see any black boxing champion, did it mean black people could box?).

I maintained that time would come when a talented driver would make his way through and be a great driver, it was just a matter of time to change mentalities and break cultural stereotypical boundaries.

Enters Carl Lewis Hamilton who might very well be the next big thing in F1 (hint: becoming the first ever F1 driver to secure a podium finish in each of his first three Grands Prix, at age 22!)

You know who you are! You might say that you were joking at the time; but I know, and you know, that there remained a little bit of prejudice in the back of your head! Colour of skin has nothing to do with talent!

Mercedes DTM AMG Hamilton.jpg


~ by princeali on April 16, 2007.

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  1. Thanks a bunch!b

  2. Nice resource, very interesting reading…

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