Edo Japan

Two weeks without a post is unacceptable. Especially considering what went on since. I had 2 terrible last weeks at work before my break, left to Paris on March 26 and then to Tokyo on 27 to visit my friends and this beautiful city. On the way to the Airport in Paris, there blocked the access to the highway (with cops…) with no proper second route. We had planned for a 30 minutes ride, it ended up being 1h30! I was barely an hour before the plane! I will not give too much detail about the woman at the counter saying that my seat seemed to have been canceled; I SUCCESSFULLY TOOK MY PLANE!

My friend Steph gave me great indications to his place, and coupled with w00kie’s map, I had no difficulty finding the place. Visited a lot in Tokyo and nearby temples. Ah, and I FINALLY bought a camera on my first day there! A lot of foreigners in the neighbourhoods I have visited, and a funny thing: the black guys that look like rappers (there are a lot all over the world), come directly from Africa! It is quite a sight to see them speak Japanese with their accents.

When visiting a temple to the honour of those who died for Japan, two elderly men from a group of 20 guys all dressed in black suits came to us asking, in English first, what we were doing there. When Francois answered in Japanese, the tone of the man became far less aggressive…

Today, I am tired from the walking plus the train ride where I couldn’t even imagine so many people could fit. We couldn’t move at all; if we could, we would have fallen on each other. One of my leg was pressed on the corner of a sit and whenever the train shook, it made me feel like it was going to break. My knee was in a Japanese guy’s ass, and my ass on the face of a little boy sleeping on his mother’s lap!

I am glad I am home, ready to rest!


~ by princeali on May 3, 2007.

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