Big in Tripoli

I’m back back in Tripoliii…. On the way from and to Tripoli, I seem to have attracted very talkative people, I must say that I was entertained (even if fed up at times). I was next to a charming girl, and next to her was a young man who really liked talking. I heard about “Ouaga deux mille”, which seems to be a very nice neighborhood of Ouaga (where the girl was living, and the young man had a funny reaction to it when he heard it, like people there were so rich they were thieves, and that it was a better and cleaner place that anywhere in Europe… of course he was exaggerating)

My flight went well, the man at customs had difficulties understanding my visa, so I ended up waiting for a while. Most of the people in the plane were going to Ouagadougou as a final destination (only in transit), so we were only a dozen to have to pass customs.

When I arrived home, I found flowers in my bedroom. Yes, my friends had bought me flowers as a welcome back gift. Isn’t that Amazing? I’ve become some kind of VIP. Not to mention that the minute I left the plane I received welcome back text messages on my phone and a phone call of an impatient friend… When you hear that someone is happy to be in Tripoli again just because of you, you feel special!



~ by princeali on May 10, 2007.

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