Colour me bad!

Question! Did you ever notice people’s tastes are weird.

Quote: “No offense, but I am attracted to white guys”, this is what I heard when I was joking around saying that I was hotter than one of my friend’s boyfriend. The fact that this girl has a dark skin allows her to say such things, but I found it very strange. This made me think of another buddy (which this girl happens to like) who surprised me when he said that in order to find a girl attractive, she needed to have some blackness in her blood; this guy happens to be white.

I might be special, but I really don’t mind at all if a girl is Chinese, African, 1m80 or 1m50 blond or brunette, I just need to like the person. I guess people have different tastes, I understand that someone might prefer some traits over others (for example, on average I am more attracted to brunettes).

Like Michal Jackson said: “It don’t matter if you’re black or white” (ironic considering it matters to him that he be white NOT BLACK).


~ by princeali on May 20, 2007.

2 Responses to “Colour me bad!”

  1. Are you Somali?
    you are not really a prince are you??

  2. Hi Whity,

    In fact I am not Somali but half Yemeni half Tinisian (with some Nigerian and Algerian origins).

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