STUDY HARD! (party hard?)

Nothing much to say. For some reason, my left ear is hurting (again), I just hope it is not another otitis. It might be related to my nose bleeding of these las 2 days (we reached 45 degrees yesterday!).

I can tell you about teaching. I was trying to help my g-friend yesterday with her Statistics studies, since I played smart saying that probabilities were my thing and that statistics were easy! WRONG! The lecture that her teacher gives is a mess. So I tried to follow with the photocopies of her book and explain (it went well for probabilities last week), but the man is CRAZY! It is some kind of specific Statisics and he doesn’t even explain the theory or the basics behind it! Just blasts formulas with examples with little or no explanation of symbols used and process of solving! I just hope that she will do fine.


~ by princeali on June 27, 2007.

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