Best man!

Yesterday was 7/7/7. Lucky day for many, most of all those who decided to get seriously commited in their relationship. M, my best friend got engaged, and unfortunately I could not attend. These words are dedicated to you MnN; “ONE LOVE”. I can’t wait to hear all the details and see the pictures. I wish I was there to entertain you all! I am sure you had fun, but let’s be honest: everything is funnier with me!

I wish you all the joy an happiness as a couple for many years to come.

On my side, I had a marvelous day yesterday. Left work early (it might have looked bad professionally, especially since I am still waiting for my boss’ recommendation) , but every minute was worth it.


~ by princeali on July 8, 2007.

One Response to “Best man!”

  1. Thank you Ali!

    Indeed we missed you, but don’t worry for us, we managed to have lots of fun. I will send all the details and photos by mail soon, just give me the time to gather everything.

    You would have loved my speech! Didn’t manage to make as much people cry as I wanted, but you many were on the edge of letting a tear drop…

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