IMAGINAL DISC: Science & Film

My good friend in NYC, who happens to be a 3rd year Phd student, just put up a terrific website ( “to enhance people’s lives by providing better understanding of scientific issues that surround us on an everyday basis”.Image Courtesey of Imaginaldisc.comImage Courtesey of

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 IMAGINAL DISC Productions is a film production which specializes in the making of films around, with and about science/scientists. The objective is to break the stereotypes of the “scientists”, initiate scientists to the process of science film-making and show the creative aspect of woman and men at the bench.”

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Very nice job! I’m proud of you, and can’t wait to come visit you again next year (don’t forget to come visit me in Toronto, I’ll give you my bed PROMISED!)

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~ by princeali on July 11, 2007.

One Response to “IMAGINAL DISC: Science & Film”

  1. hey ali,
    merci pour les comments sur mon site. very thankful. c’est grace a francois en partie … big help … j’aime beaucoup le tiens aussi…on essaie de se voir bientot? tiens j’ai vu rhea et karma y’a pas longtemps a new york … bibi

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