The last weeks

I am in my last two weeks in Libya. Must say that I will miss it.

I forgot to mention another misty phenomena last Thursday, in Serraj (my neighbourhood) this time and not downtown Tipoli. It was even thicker than the last time. I thought another very hot day would follow (usually humidity comes with heat), but we saw only a reasonably hot night.

I try to enjoy my last day under the sun, next to the beach; planning to enjoy it to the maximum next week.

Yesterday, I went to the hammam with one of my friends; from 10h30 to 11h15! It really was relaxing. I slept so well, I had difficulties getting out of bed this morning.


~ by princeali on July 22, 2007.

One Response to “The last weeks”

  1. Last week for Ali, and last day for me in Libya with him… I would like to say that it has always been pleasant to work and live with him, even if we must admit that we don’t have a lot of thing in common. I would also like to thank him, because his experience of Libya surely makes it easier for me at the very beginning of my VIE. Wish you the best for the next…

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