Shame on a NUH

Yes, shame on me! After 14 months in Libya I managed to have a car accident. As small as it was it keeps disturbing me. I was driving downtown in a small road when I followed a car turning to the right. I did not notice that it was a one way road (no sign whatsoever), and it was at the following corner where the other car passed right away that I noticed another car coming towards me. To my right was a car double parked so I had to avoid it; unfortunately while driving slowly, I was not careful enough and scratched the car. Nothing much, but I had to park, call a local colleague to let him talk to the guys. After this got settled, I got back in the car angry at myself, when my phone ran (my colleague who had settled the first accident), I took a quick look down and did not notice the car in front of me stopped and I ran into it. Another taxi that had a little bump in the back and a broken stop light (I was going at less that 10km/h), but the right wing and corner of my bumper were completely mashed, and the light slightly scratched.

I am a little disturbed by the stupidity of these events, especially considering that it was all my fault.


~ by princeali on July 29, 2007.

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