Back in Paris

Just got back in Paris yesterday. Strangely, nothing has changed, everything feels like the exact same as every-time (apart from major construction in the neighbourhood). I had a good day with my man M who managed to keep my mind off the departure (that has been hard I must say). We wen to see the Simpsons Movie, which has nothing worth a movie according to me (the series is good enough, as they say why pay when we can see the same thing for free on TV…).

Will try to catch up with a couple of friends, preparing last paperwork for University (bank, apartment search…) and overall, try to get my mind busy (off the blues that goes with leaving my heart behind in Tripoli).


~ by princeali on August 5, 2007.

2 Responses to “Back in Paris”

  1. hey boy,
    welcome back, for how long will you be staying in paris ?

  2. Thanks man, I’ll travel to Biarritz in 2 days, and will be back on the 13th, then departure to Canada on the 19th of August. Hope to see you then.

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